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世界顶级salsa大师介绍之 — Tania-意大利

上篇小编介绍了Adolfo. 很多美女帅哥纷纷表示对Adolfo 那位身材爆美的舞伴Tania很感兴趣。下面请看美到爆的Tania Cannarsa!--- salsa
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Tania Cannarsa was born in Sri Lanka, but was raised in Italy. Therefore, she has always felt native to the Italian culture.Tania began studying dance when was only 10 years old. She started taking classical ballet classes, eventually adding jazz and lyrical dance.to her repertoire. She is a real multi-talented artist!

Tania Canners 出生在斯里兰卡,但在意大利长大,从10岁开始学习舞蹈。她起初是学习古典芭蕾,渐渐得融合了爵士和抒情舞,是真正得多元化发展的艺术家。

Tania Cannarsa is a great star in the salsa world known for her natural smoothness and mambo style dancing! Her movements reflect the unison of technical skills and street style, tradition and instinct, real elegance showing the beauty of dancing.

Tania Cannarsa 以其自然流畅的动作和Mambo风格而成为世界知名的Salsa舞者!她的舞步融合了街舞、传统舞步和来自身体本能的律动,完美表现了舞蹈的魅力。

After this Tania continued with Marco Beretta´s Company “Flamboyant Dancers” with which she progressively acquired New York Style dancing skills. Hereafter, Tania started her career as a professional dance instructor with her dancing partner Jonathan Somoza.

随着经验和技术的增长,接下来的五年她与“Latin Black”在一起工作,同时也继续在Marco Beretta的舞蹈公司Flamboyant Dancers学习纽约风格舞蹈。接着,Tania作为一个专业舞者和她的舞伴Jonathan Somoza开始了她的舞蹈事业。

Currently, Tania is working with Adolfo Indacochea and his company “The Latin Soul Dancers”, one of the most famous salsa dancing companies from all over the world.

现在,Tania和Adolfo Indacochea合作,后者的舞蹈公司“The Latin Soul Dancers”是世界著名的salsa舞蹈公司。

请看Tania 美美的Styling


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