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Kizomba VS Zouk

发布时间:2016-02-11 10:48:21

Confusions between zouk and kizomba arose after many Cape Verdean emigrants arrived in France where they were exposed to the French Antilles compas music "zouk-love" in the 80s, they mixed it with a traditional Cape Verde style, the coladera, creating the cola-zouk, which is very similar to kizomba and typically sung in Cape Verdean Creole. It is this rhythm that was confused with kizomba, and was heard in Portugal when Eduardo Paim arrived there and released his first record with kizomba music.

Zouk和Kizomba开始易于混淆是从80年代开始的,佛得角的移民来到了法国列斯,在此创造了混合传统佛得角风格和coladera,创造了cola-zouk。这种曲风和kizomba非常类似,被称为佛得角creole.这种节奏混淆了kizomba,被去波多黎各的Eduardo Paim听见,并以此发行了他的第一张Kizomba专辑。

Currently, in Lusophone (Portuguese speaking) countries and communities around the world, due to it being difficult to distinguish between zouk, cabo love and kizomba, all these styles have been called kizombas, however in a rough and generic way, one can say that Zouk is sung in French and Antillean creole, cabo love in Cape Verdean Creole and kizomba in Portuguese or Kimbundu.

现在在世界各地说葡语的国家和地区,由于很难区分zouk,cabo love和kizomba,所有的这些风格都被统称为kizombas。但是我们可以这样认为,Zouk属于与法国和安列斯,cabo love属于佛得角,kizomba属于葡萄牙或者津巴度。


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