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"感受音乐" 背后的真相!

大师们经常说:去感受音乐。 今天我们来细细地扒一扒——The Truth Behind “Just Feel It”。
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1. 感受音乐背后的真相,以及为什么在舞蹈里表达音乐如此重要;

2. 音乐的不同表达方式;

3. 在音乐里找到自己的表达方式

The Truth Behind “Just Feel It”


“Just feel it.” It’s a phrase meant to be a catch-all for expression in dance. It’s supposed to speak to an intrinsically natural sensation of being ‘in-tune’ with the music and dance. But, what exactly are we supposed to ‘feel’, and how do we use our ‘feelings’ in dance?


More than a ‘Feeling’


Most of the time, the word ‘feeling’ gets conflated with the idea of ’emotion’. You feel happy, sad or angry. But, a ‘feeling’ isn’t limited to an emotion. It can also encompass a state of being, or a texture.


For example, being tired is a ‘state’ of being – as is being ‘in pain’ or ‘well rested’. You may feel tired, but it’s not an emotion.


Similarly, you can ‘feel’ smoothness, sharpness, or other ‘textures’. These textures are not limited to physical items; it can include musical texture. For example, is a song smooth or sharp? Does it have ‘hard’ hits, or is it ‘soft’ and ‘flowing’?


Your expression of the music is how you interpret the feeling the music generates in you.


When we’re talking about ‘feeling’ the music, we’re talking about a combination of these different types of feelings. Yes, a song can make you feel ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ (an emotion). But, you can also feel like a song is energetic (a state) or smooth (a texture).


These feelings are then transcribed into expression.


Why Expression is Important?


Expression is what gives depth to your dancing. It’s what allows a dancer to use simple movements, but create an unforgettable experience.


No matter how technically proficient you are, a lack of expression will create a ‘flat’ dance. It doesn’t mean the dance will be bad – but it won’t be memorable, either. It can be ‘nice’, but not groundbreaking.


As a result, expression is typically a feature of a ‘good dance’. Additionally, the stronger your expression on multiple levels, the more partners you will have who ‘connect’ with your dance style.


Some people denounce expression because they don’t feel comfortable using ’emotion’ while dancing. They see emotion and feeling as the same thing – even though emotion is merely a subset of feeling. While emotion can be used to heighten the quality of expression, it’s not mandatory for an expressive dance.



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