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New Dancer何时参加舞会合适?

不管你是一个新人,或者你正在学习一种新的舞蹈,应该都听说过一个神奇的词 —“参加舞会”
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When should you start social dancing? So, you’re new to the dance world. Or trying a new style. You’ve heard about this mythical thing called ‘social dancing’. That is, dancing with random people you probably don’t know. In front of other people. In a style you’re not very familiar with.

不管你是一个新人,或者你正在学习一种新的舞蹈,应该都听说过一个神奇的词 —“参加舞会”,就是随机地和不同的认识的或不认识的人跳舞,在他面前做你不熟悉的舞蹈动作。

Sound terrifying? If it does, you’re not alone. One of the hardest things to do within dance is taking that first plunge into the realm of socials. What if you forget your moves? What if you can’t find the beat? What if that really good dancer thinks you suck?


Well, you probably will forget moves and lose the beat sometimes – but we (other dancers) don’t care. We’re just really glad you’re coming into our lovely (and highly addictive) world. Seriously! You add a +1 to our ranks. We want you to become ‘part of the gang’. We want you to stick around. You, dear newbie, are the foundation our entire dance is built on!

也许你会经常忘记动作或跳的不在拍子上 — 但是我们不在意。我们高兴的是你加入了我们这个有爱且高度容易上瘾的大家庭。真的,我们希望你加入我们的队伍,希望你留下来。每一个新手都是我们建立舞会圈子的基础。

Also, if that ‘really good dancer’ thinks you suck and is acting like a twat, they’re probably not as good as they appear. Good dancers are excellent at making even basic dances fun for themselves. I, for one, have far more fun with a beginner lead that has 1-2 moves that they can kinda-sorta do. Because, frankly, beginners are awesome. They don’t have ego, they’re almost incapable of hurting me with their basics, and beginners coming into the dance have more courage than anyone else in the room.


So, when should you start social dancing?As soon as possible! Whether you’ve never taken a class, been doing a few, or have taken months or more, social dancing improves your skills and helps you make friends. It takes a lot of courage to go out the first time – but it’s very worth it. If you’re in a class, ask your classmates to go with you to make a ‘troupe’. If you haven’t taken dance before, ask a friend to go with you, or find somewhere with a free beginner class!


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