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New Dancer参加舞会有哪些疑虑?

“我跳的很差怎么办?” “如果我没跟上拍子,或者我忘记脚步了怎么办?” “如果高手认为我跳得很烂,看起来很愚蠢怎么办?” “如果在跳舞的时候伤到人怎么办?” “如果在舞会上我不被邀请怎么办?”
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“But what if I have a bad dance?” – EVERYONE has bad dances. There are always going to be people you connect with well, and people you don’t. You may even connect really well to someone your friend doesn’t connect well with at all. It’s normal, and they’re not going to think you’re ridiculous just because your style doesn’t mesh with theirs.

“我跳的很差怎么办?”-- 每个人都曾经跳得很差过。在舞会里你会遇到跳得很好的人,也会遇到跳得不好的人,也可能跟你跳的这个舞伴跳得很好而跟你一起来的朋友的舞伴却跳得很差。这很正常,别人不会觉得你很另类很奇怪只是因为你跟他跳得不同。

“But what if I lose the beat or forget the steps?” – This will probably happen. The more you social dance, the less it will happen. Taking lots of classes will not fix this – you need social dancing to fix it. Also, when it DOES happen, we don’t care. We’ve forgotten our steps at some point, and honestly, beginners forgetting steps is one of the most accepted things in social dancing. We want you to stay. We want you to improve. You get plenty of “I-forgot-the-step” passes.

“如果我没跟上拍子,或者我忘记脚步了怎么办?” – 这很可能发生。上很多的舞蹈课程对这个问题也没有太大帮助,只有参加舞会次数越多,出现这些问题的可能性就越小。就算真的出现这些问题,大家也不会介意。因为就算是我们也会偶尔忘记步子,而且初学者在舞会里忘记步子再正常不过了。我们只想你留下来,我们只想你进步,我们有很多“忘记步子”通行证。

“But what if a really great dancer thinks I suck and I look stupid?” – If they think that about a beginner, they’re probably not a good dancer. Or, if they are, they have a very bad attitude. You don’t look stupid and you don’t suck – you’re new. And, quite frankly, the courage you show by coming out and social dancing is tremendous. No experienced dancer going out to the social is actively displaying the same level of courage as you, dear beginner.


“But what if I hurt someone?” – Of all the dancers, the ones who ask this question are the least likely to hurt someone. Why? Because most of you are so, SO concerned about hurting your partner. If you are sensitive to the possibilities of hurting someone, the risk goes way, way down. The people with dangerous quirks are the people who think they’re awesome and either don’t respect their dance partner or dance above their skill level.


“But what if I’m lonely or if I’m not getting asked to dance?” – I’ll tell you what I once told a beginner friend of mine: do the asking. When you’re a beginner, the surest way to make connections and have fun is for you to breathe deep and put yourself out there. We’ll think you’re awesome for it. If you’re really nervous, a fantastic preface that I advise using is saying “Hey, I’d really like to dance with you, but I’m a beginner. Will you dance with me?” Bam. Now they know what your skills are; no pressure. Not everyone will accept, but not everyone accepts invites from even experienced dancers. The people who don’t accept probably have a good (not-you) related reason for declining.

“如果在舞会上我不被邀请怎么办?” – 我曾经是这么告诉我的一个初学者朋友的:如果你是初学者,要想跟别人有互动,在舞会玩得嗨,最好的办法是深呼吸,然后积极主动地走出你自己的小世界。如果你实在太紧张了,你可以这样开头:“你好,我很想邀请你跳舞,但是我是一个初学者,你愿意跟我跳舞吗?”这样一来对方知道你的水平了,就释然了。不可能每个人都会接受你的邀请,但是一样的,也不可能每个人都接受有经验的舞者的邀请。不接受你邀请的人可能有他自己的原因拒绝你,而不是因为对象是你。

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